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Asmita apartment
November 16, 2018
B Offices
April 11, 2018


Pappa e Citti project it is an expansion and new design of the current Pappa e Citti restaurant located in Cagliari, Sardinia, at the intersection of two major bulevards: Via Roma with Vialle Trieste, 10 minutes from the old town center, close to the Central Railway Station.

Most of the materials used are natural: Chevron oak flooring with natural finish, ceramic floor insertion for the bar area, cladding walls with enameled lava-stone bricks, wooden tables and chairs with natural finishes.

Light color of the finishes contrast with the gray anthracite background of the ceiling and walls, but also with the outlines of doors and windows openings. Bright space, with large openings, airy, and warm colors. The furniture is custom-tailored and custom-made.

1st floor - Il Ristorante
Fully glazed walls, which allow exterior shading, made us to use finishes and darker colors than at the Ground floor. Thus space becomes elegant and intimate. Areas are separated by filters made of metal, or natural filters from plants.

It was a wonderful experience working together. It's not easy to work with your husband, but our controversies and the endless discussions had generated a warm space, suitable for all types of clients and moments of the day. You can take breakfast, a quick lunch, or a coffee at ground floor, and dinner in the first floor, were the restaurant is more elegant.