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B Offices

October 16, 2018
January 7, 2018

Keywords: elegant finishes classic lines formal spaces

The B Offices project starts from the idea of a courageous and colored but formal space. The building in the center of Bucharest helped us with wide glazed surfaces. I worked for this project with my friend Elena, and our time spent together gave birth to a great design. The strong colors in tones of green, blue and burgundy are associated with wood, leather and metal finishing, giving power and greatness to the spaces.

On the ground floor, the glass-covered reception promises an incursion into a special space. The same color is used for the wall on which the world map uphold the brand logo. From here you are invited to one of the meeting rooms similar but so different by color and wall solutions.

On the second floor, another reception desk this time made from gold metal takes you to the directors' offices. The furniture, either classic or modern, is accentuated by the treatment of walls and glazed surfaces. The offices benefits from a relaxing room, a place where formalism is left aside, and conversations are relaxed

It was a wonderful experience with Elena, cause in this project we stayed in the site, controlling and monitoring workers' teams. A lot of work for us, even until the middle of the night, but the results are appreciated by the clients.