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Asmita apartment

October 16, 2018

Keywords: warm, modern, relaxing

Asmita Gardens apartment was an amazing space for a new project. Being at the 15th floor with a nice view of the Delta Vacaresti and Dambovita River, and also offering a top view of the Bucharest city, the apartment received a lot of light. With 109 sqm. for 3 rooms it’s quite spacious. The entrance made possible to design 3 big storage spaces. One for the jackets and coats, one of about 3 meters long only for shoes and another one for suitcases and other big stuffs.

From the distribution area the living room has direct access and from the right of the entrance you can go to the bathroom. In the left is the entrance into the matrimonial suite. From the living room you can go into the kitchen and into the second bedroom, each of them separated by a double sliding door. The clients, a family of tree, wanted a warm and quiet place. I had free hand for this project, so it shows entirely my vision.

The project started with the functional needs and thus, the positioning of the objects into the space. After that, we drawn the CAD files and technical drawings. Emilian Serban was in charge with the functionality and technical issues, so he made the electrical plans and stereotomy of the bathroom tiles. The implementation was supervised by Cosmin Feier, and thus every step was covered by our team.

All the finishing works were made by the team of Marius Ploiesteanu careful and eager for everything to be in accordance with the plans. All the tile joints, the 45 degrees corners, the smooth level crosses and the smooth walls were executed at millimeters. The fitted furniture was realized by the Personal Mob atelier, which was a strong partner for almost everything in terms of customized solutions. The proposed materials were oak veneer, Fenix, MDF and compact HPL chosen to offer time resistance and quality objects.

The living room is a space which is hosting the relaxing area and the dining zone. The entire walls have doors and windows gaps, so I need to find a solution to keep the circulation flows and also the privacy and relaxation condition for each zone, together with the storage space needed.

The idea was to cover an entire wall with furniture from oak veneer, bordering the two windows transforming them into separators between the various function of the furniture piece. The radiators were integrated into perforated masks, making the entire body of the furniture to become lightly. In the right side I designed a reading corner with a subtle and thin bookshelf and a mauve armchair with clean and feminine shapes. The sofa with lateral chaise longue ordered from Le Comfort offers the desired relaxation for the entire family and an extendable sleeping bed for the overnight guests.

In the left side is the dining table, close to the kitchen and with a lot of natural light. The fitted body of the furniture is being detached in this area into a lighted shelf cabinet with brown tinted glass doors. The round table from Connubia - Calligaris with ceramic top and inclined legs, is extendable offering 8 places to eat, and together with the display cabinet and the 9 bulbs light fixture is forming a pleasant dining zone.

Thus, the living and dining room become a space with different uses and multiples focus areas, linked together by the fusion between materials, unified by the playful insertion of natural light in the materiality of the veneer wood. Looking to the kitchen and to the second bedroom we will notice the sliding doors, which I choose to paint them into a strong blue-green color. In this manner they balance the weight of the furniture pieces from the opposite sides, creating also the frames for the further areas.

The kitchen is a clean space, organized by the moving flows in the cooking process: tower space cabinet, Aventos door openings for the superior storage and drawers for the lower storage for a better food and dishes organization. Milk white glossy MDF, with plum grey velvet Fenix and 10 mm compact HPL for the countertop, printed glass backsplash, together with the technology of the appliances invite you to use this kitchen every day.

The matrimonial bedroom is warm and quiet, with neutral tones and texture contrasts. The boxspring bed headboard is extending in both sides with oak veneered framed boxes which sustain the floating nightstands. The board is holding in the top edge the warm ambient light. This light is meant to emphasize the textured paint wall and it is turning on the right-side wall, this time lighting from upside-down.

The radiator is again hidden into a mask which create a long chest from wall to wall with the upper openings. The free wall in front of the bed was decorated with a hand drawn wallpaper pattern made by the artist and sister Ruxandra Chivu. Near the suite bathroom there is a mirrored wall and a modern white console with oak legs. The oak wood was here combined with the glossy white MDF used for the storage and dressing pieces.

The suite bathroom is elegant, with marble big tiles. The round simple line of the free-standing bath tube is duplicated/reproduced by the round brass mirror. In the left the three niches have painted glass inside facets with top LED light.

The second bedroom is design for a young girl. With hand drawn butterfly pattern on the wallpaper and on the fabric printed curtain by Ruxandra Chivu, magnetic HPL front and sketching paint on the walls, the generous room has all that needs for a child. One big wardrobe, a multi functional piece of furniture which includes also a desk with drawers, a comfortable bed and lots of space for dancing and playing. The upholstered bed with storage boxes is customized after my drawings, simple but girlish. The warm and light tones of whites and powder pinks are animated by the intense fuchsia and the blue-green of the door, used also for the Chinese dressers brought from the former house.

The second bathroom is visually enlarged by a big mirror with top to bottom LED light on both sides. Here it is the washing machine enclosed in a tall cabinet mounted next to the cabin door. The light is provided by the LED panel above the shower, ceiling spots and LED strips.

All these were possible with the patience of the clients and the team competences to resolve all the unexpected situations. The thanks go to my team, Emilian Serban, Ruxandra Chivu and Cosmin Feier, to Marius Ploesteanu and Lucian for the finishings and to Andrei Boian for the furniture. The suppliers: Interior Store, KARE Design Romania, AmiWhite, Delta Studio, MindtheGap, Supersofa, ePardoseli, Ton Corner, SticlaPerfecta, Emerald2000, Mobexpert. And of course to Iulian Iacob for the magnificent photos.